We are very pleased to announce beta release of our Mobile Application for “Washington Magnet GT/AIG Elementary School” Raleigh, North Carolina. This mobile application is now available on Google Play and the App Store. This application is designed and developed to serve parents, teachers, PTA community, staff members, prospective parents and other stakeholders, with objective to communicate, engage, and collaborate more efficiently. As a user, these are the benefits you will see by using this application:

(A) Transport information: Track Washington School buses’ arrival and departure by just one touch on “School Bus” icon at application home page.

(B) Real Time Alerts and Notifications: This application provides a unique opportunity for WEM school admins to send real time alerts and notifications for any emergency situations, and also in scenarios when a pre-planned event is cancelled or postponed due to unavoidable conditions at the eleventh hour.

(C) Stay on top of PTA and School events: By having easy access to these resources, parents can participate, engage, and contribute more efficiently in various activities and events organized by the PTA community. From home screen, important PTA resources like social media feed, website, and member-hub access are two clicks away.

(D) Keep you organized and prepared for day-to-day needs:
This application also provides easy access to many key resources like the Principal’s messages, WEM YouTube Channel, ClassDojo, School Directory, and Important numbers. All this information is available at the user’s fingers tips 24/7.

Acknowledgement: Vivek Yadav and Umesh Pai jointly designed and developed this application under kind guidance and great support from Mr. Bob Grant, Principal and Mr. Andrew Bastin, AIG Specialist at Washington Magnet Elementary School.

Message from developers: Every year we pick a project and try to give something back to the community. As a Wake County parent and resident, this is a small effort from our side to give back something meaningful to our great Wake County schools, Teachers, PTA community and stakeholders who are shaping the future of our great country. Together we all can make the difference. Hope this mobile application offers benefits for all members of the Washington Elementary School community. We look forward to hear your feedback and suggestion’s to improve this application further.

Application Quick Link: Click here for App Store Or Click here for Google Play