The primary driver for this project came as, I waited to pick my daughter from the bus stop especially in scenarios when bus was running late, or there was substitute driver or there was a bus breakdown. We took building blocks from our 2016 project, and we rolled out first of a kind of application as part of #GiveBack2017 project. Click here for more details.

In a time where we as parents have to track multiple apps to stay connected to our children's activities, this app is so helpful! Links to the most important information from the school and the PTA all in one place. I would recommend this app to all parents and schools!

Dr Emily King - PTA President, Washington GT Elementary School

This is more than simply an app. Using this is going to quickly become a way of life for our parents, staff and students. I cannot imagine an easier, more streamlined, faster, and more enjoyable way to keep up to date with what is happening. Whether it is to instantly track if your child's bus has departed the last stop yet, to learn when school events have been rescheduled for, or for being able to find staff contact information instantly, this app is indispensable. I would recommend that every school gets in on this idea ASAP!

Bill Bastin - Washington Elementary, Raleigh, NC

mConnect Mobile App is available at