By: Vivek Yadav, Dated 18th Dec 2016

Re-tweeted below quote from Mother Teresa on July 25 2016, as this was the spirit of this project.

Coming from many years of serving in Home Owners Association and being involved in various communities projects, in past, we always felt challenged when it came to reaching out to the right audience at the right time. With this problem statement in perspective, as part of the #GiveBack2016 project, we took the initiative to write a very simple Google Android and Apple iOS application.

This was neither a killer idea nor was there any commercial intent. We’re not even sure where we will finish eventually, but with an objective and an attempt to do something meaningful as it was definitely worth it, we took few steps.

In past few months, we made slow but good progress. We got some good feedback, encouragements, suggestions, critiques, and input from many early adopters, Town officials, Town leaders and others.

We are very pleased to announce the release of our mobile application “mConnect”. The released version is available on Google Play and the App Store now.

Please check out “mConnect Application Story”, to get insight on why small towns like Tow of Morrisville and others across the country, should have a dedicated mobile application to communicate, notify, and engage town residents.

Enjoyed doing this project, learned lot of new things, made some new friends and felt very excited on every milestone of this project.

What’s next? We just finished our first iteration and we will continue further efforts to expand this digital community platform. As we hit the New Year 2017, here are few updates you will be seeing in coming weeks:
  • User Experience: We will be updating a new version of this application both at Google Play and App Store to improve user experience further. This update is targeted for January CY17.
  • Blog series addition: We will be adding a “Featured Blogs” section on this application, with intent to learn from each other.

In 2017, we will be exploring some new and small initiatives around these three topics “Open Data”, “Smart Cities” and “IoT – Internet of Things”, and will try to integrate some solutions with this application.

Acknowledgements: All these small projects are not possible without support, help and encouragement. Special thanks to my good friend Umesh Pai for helping me in design, architecture, development, and in solidifying overall user experience; to Liz Johnson, Town Council Morrisville for her kind guidance on the town’s communication challenges and beta app version validation efforts; to Morrisville town officials and leaders, we got in touch for prelim validation, for their kind encouragement and support. My good friends and neighbors Dr Narendra Singh and Akkina Murthy who are always there to support my community projects. Thank you Vaishali Kashyap, Akanksha Kashyap, Ambica Dutta, Sreejaya B Godfrey, my wife Rina Yadav and my lovely daughters for all contributions, critiques and validations.

mConnect Mobile App is available at