As a part of the #GiveBack2016 project, we took the initiative to write a very simple Google Android and Apple iOS application. This was neither a killer idea nor was there any commercial intent. We’re not even sure where we will finish eventually, but with an objective and an attempt to do something meaningful we took few steps on this journey. Check out more details here.

The digital age is upon us and mConnect provides both essential and more casual notices to users in the easiest way possible. I consider the exciting new mConnect application a large step toward how residents and other stakeholders will choose to receive important information. Other than my email, mConnect is the only app I need on my phone to keep me informed of everything I care to know about what is going on in Morrisville.

TJ Cawley, Mayor Town of Morrisville

mConnect provides alerts that are relevant for my town in a single application. Today there are many different sources for news and events. It takes time to scan through news feed and websites to find the items that are specific to my town. With mConnect I receive alerts for events, weather, traffic and general announcements. mConnect keep me informed and saves time too.

Vicki Scroggins Johnson, Mayor Pro Tem, Town of Morrisville

Here is a great mobile town app which is using the town's open data to help us all better understand, and interact with, and improve our town. The app will help to create the cultures that shape our town's identity, our sense of community, our diversity, and ultimately ensures the collective well being of our citizens.

Michael Schlink, Morrisville Town Council Member

We are spending most of our digital time on mobile devices and most of that time is spent using apps. The mConnect app is uniquely positioned to provide a single source of timely information to Morrisville citizens. Whether it is for event information, important contact data, or valuable alerts delivering real time notifications, mConnect will keep citizens up-to-date and connected to Morrisville.

Liz Johnson, Morrisville Town Council Member

mConnect is a perfect example of the positive social and economic impact that Open Data Innovation can bring to local governments and the citizens we serve. Thanks to mConnect for ensuring that our citizens can truly Live Connected and Live Well through innovative technology.

Steve Rao, Morrisville Town Council Member

I got an alert notification of early voting location on mConnect. I was on Church Street, took immediate action, drove to the polling location, and voted in last year’s presidential poll without waiting in long line.

Sunil Mehta, Morrisville Resident

I just moved out from Morrisville. Since my parents still live here, I follow mConnect on my mobile phone to keep myself connected with the Morrisville town activities and news.

Dr Akansha Kashyap, New York City Resident

I just moved to Morrisville and this application gives me all which I need as a new resident.

Ajay Kumar, Morrisville New Resident

Simple and works great. Been using mConnect app for a few months now, I have been able to take advantage of it various times for information on flooding, traffic and news affecting the community.

Vinay Toomu, Cary Resident

mConnect Mobile App is available at