In year 2015, we supported “BPL: A Prayer For Rain” movie screening at Duke University, North Carolina. Prior to this movie screening, we asked few questions to our friends on social media “Why after 30 years, this tragic event is still relevant” and crowd-sourced this blog series.

We got many excellent thought provoking contributions from folks around the world including some huge encouraging insights from Ravi Kumar, movie director; Simon Denyer, Washington Post’s Bureau chief in China and Town of Morrisville Council leaders – Liz Johnson, TJ Cawley and Vicki Scroggins-Johnson.

Ravi Kumar and Bhopal movie team was kind enough to post our blog series on BPL: A Prayer For Rain official Facebook page. You can read Carolina blog series in Albums:Carolina BPL Blog Series section. Alternatively blog series is also available at following Facebook public post.


As we worked on this blog series, we also got an opportunity to get some Questions & Answers with movie Director Ravi Kumar. Check out his first hand thoughts behind this story pick, format and challenges at Albums: Q & A Ravi Kumar

Below is message from Ravi Kumar, Movie Director, on our efforts:
Thank you all North Carolina NCISAFF organizers and supporters for this special screening and participation. We are very pleased to see the encouragement and response we got from Carolina community. We hope that we have done our job well to give you the right perspective and insight on this tragic incident. Together we all can learn from this incident, and can make sure accidents such as Bhopal belong to the history books, never to be seen in news again.

Acknowledgement and Thanks:

Thank you all Carolina citizens, Town Leaders, friends-family members and all other guest for making your presence room full. Your presence and support on this subject shows how unique, sensitive and caring Carolina community is, even for an incident which happened 30 years ago. Our heartfelt gratitude and thanks to you, your family and guests.

Morrisville Town Leaders – Mark Stolhman, Liz Johnson, Steve Rao, Vicki-Scroggins Johnson and TJ Cawley. Rev. David Jones and Shiloh family, Viral Patel and BAPS community, Jagat Purushji and ISKCON family. All participants from Apex, Cary, Chapel Hill, Fayetteville, Hillsborough, Morrisville, Raleigh, Youngsville and other nearby towns. Amrit - RituWadhwa, Anirban Roy, Don-Debbie Babcock, DD Gangwani, Elizabeth-Regina Rohe, Greg Johnson, Hemant Koneru, Kumar Challa, Logan Modahala, Mahatam Singh, MeghnaSankram, Naresh - RuchiGiri, Nirmala Narayan, Rajeev - Ruchi Madan, Saikiran Kolavennu, Sammer Azad, Sanjeev Saxsena, Shekhar Joshi, Shivappa Pilod, Shrinivas Deshpande, Sindura Kondaveeti, Srinivas Avula, Srinivas Kondapaneni, Stephanie Embry, Sudipto Mukherjee, Tejinder Makhwana, Thomas Sellers, Umesh Pai, Vinay - PriyaTommu, Vivek - Nivedita Kakkar, and Yogesh Yadav.

BPL movie director and team – Ravi Kumar, Daniel Brandt and David Drucker #ncisaff team, DilipBarma, Mr Hank and Duke staff.

Best regards – Akkina Murthy, Dr Narendra Singh, Gauri Singh, Ketu Patel and Vivek Yadav, May 31 2015.

There were many kind and encouraging words post movie screening. A job well done by a great team. I will close with wonderful lines by Maya Angelou quoted by Liz Johnson, Morrisville Mayor Pro Tem in her post screening comments.

Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain is a heart wrenching film about a tragedy that was preventable and its heavy toll on every day people like you and me. Maya Angelou once said: “History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.” Each of us must have the courage to do our part and ensure a tragedy such as the one that occurred in Bhopal more than 30 years ago never happens again. Thank you to the sponsors who brought this film to North Carolina. This is a must see movie!