In year 2015,  we supported  “BPL:  A Prayer For Rain” movie  special screening at Duke University, North Carolina in partnership with North Carolina NCISAFF.  Prior to this movie screening, we asked few questions to our friends on social media “Why after 30 years, this tragic event is still relevant” and crowd-sourced a blog series. Check out contribution and comments from Ravi Kumar, movie director,  Simon Denyer, Washington Post’s Bureau chief in China and Town of Morrisville Council leaders –  Liz Johnson, TJ Cawley and Vicki Scroggins-Johnson. Click here for more details.

Thank you all North Carolina NCISAFF and mConnect Team for wonderful feedback. As a film maker its always encouraging for us to hear what impact our work has on people - some of them who have never heard of a Union Carbide disaster. Events like this also helps us do what we do best - telling stories that mainstream film industry would find it hard to bring to screen. A BIG THANK YOU!

Ravi Kumar

Director BPL: A Prayer for for Rain

Bhopal is definitely still relevant and important. The scale of the tragedy, the problems with getting adequate compensation, with cleaning up and assigning responsibility for the errors have all kept the issue alive.

Simon Denyer

Bureau Chief China at The Washington Post,
Beijing City, China

Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain is a heart wrenching film about a tragedy that was preventable and its heavy toll on every day people like you and me. Maya Angelou once said: “History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.

Liz Johnson

Mayor Pro Tem, Town of Morrisville

Thank you to the sponsors who brought this important movie and the subsequent discussion to the Triangle. Cutting corners in pursuits of profits when it comes to health and environmental safety can lead to outcomes such as coal ash spills which end up damaging corporate reputations and costing corporations much more financially than the regulations would have cost to implement. I was glad to have the opportunity to view the film and participate in the discussion.

TJ Cawley

Town Council, Town of Morrisville

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Vicki Scroggins Johnson

Town Council, Town of Morrisville

This was a tremendous opportunity for North Carolinian to become aware of the incident which happened decades ago in Bhopal. Movie maker and screening in NC at Duke campus was a homage paid to the people who lost their lives in vain which could have been prevented if proactive steps were taken. Once again, thank you for a thoughtful event planned in NC. Keep doing the good work.

Dr. Narendra Singh

Professor & Chair (Chemistry Dept) at Methodist University, Fayetteville, NC