Open Data Competition 2017


The NC Data Palooza finale held on Monday, November 13, has been seven weeks in the making. The final three teams have been working to refine their pitches and demo’s since the competition kickoff, held in late September during City Camp NC, for the chance to walk away with the $5,000 grand prize. One theme that emerged during the finale was a chance for attendees and participants to explore the challenges in our communities and how we can solve these problems by working together.

The three teams in the competition delivering 10-minute pitches and demos before a panel of expert judges were:

Civic Rise: A smart phone app that sends users calls-to-action on social and political causes they support. Actions can include contacting legislators and other advocacy activities that can be completed on the mobile device.
Are We Represented?: Shed light on how representative our elected bodies are by comparing the demographics of local &state elected bodies with the demographics of the communities they represent.
mConnect “Connecting Communities”: A mobile app designed and created by a team of Triangle residents. For communities that must currently rely on multiple formats to get timely information to residents, mConnect provides a single stop solution on residents’ hand-held devices.

“The three teams had excellent insight on the needs for civic engagement. They embraced how technology can help, but not overwhelm,” said Associate Professor John Stephens, UNC Chapel Hill School of Government. “The teams showed how we can navigate technology-savvy and technology-challenged communities, and how this is a central problem for all thoughtful public officials.”