Vivek Yadav, Founder
Thinker, Doer & Producer in today's digital economy @Cisco, RTP, USA. Interest Technology, IoT, Macro-Economics, Innovation & more. Proud of Indian- American heritage. Actively involved in various community projects. Call Carolina as home. Go Heels!

Liz Johnson, Founding Advisor
Morrisville Town Council Member. Public service since 1997. President, North Carolina Women in Municipal Government. Board of Directors, North Carolina League of Municipalities.

Dr. Narendra Singh, Founding Advisor & Member
Professor and Chair of the Department of Chemistry and Physical Science at Methodist University in Fayetteville, NC; Background in academics, research, management and administration. Morrisville resident since early 1980s. Interest, global issues, philosophy, reading.

Stephanie Embry, Founding Member
I'm just a southern woman, Clinical Research Professional with an opinion. I'm open to hearing your opinion, too. I enjoy connecting companies with customers. Someone who has spent several years highly involved in her local community, I knows first-hand what public service challenges and reward are.

Umesh Pai, Founding Member
Thinker, Innovator, Creator, Artist, Designer, Engineer, brings idea to life. Small contributor to Pachamama and mankind. My passion for life is bringing best of me to serve this mankind. Each day of this journey is not just limiting to work life but broadening it outside my work to make it better one piece at a time. My creativity spans from creating a simple painting to real life products to help people. My goal is to be agile, continuously learn, innovate and build the next big thing.

Might be You, Future Member
If you believe in our philosophy and mission statement of community services, and if you have bandwidth and motivation to push yourself beyond your day job and family responsibilities, and if you want to collaborate and make an impact around you, and want to have fun? We would like to see you here. Together we all make a small difference. Please reach out to any of the member.