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Even though “mConnect” community is primarily based in RTP, but in today’s connected world, location does not matter. We can share, learn and help each other from any location on the globe in many ways. Here are few possible options:


If you write blogs, gadget reviews, technology reviews, movie reviews, book reviews, food reviews, fashion trends, sports reviews etc., we welcome you and your contents, and like to get them published in our featured blog section on mobile app. We will highlight them. All respectful contents are welcomed as long as it is catering to mainstream global community.


If you run a project or champion a cause, let us know its goal, objective, and stories. We will be very happy to support you in all possible ways and highlight your efforts on this platform.

Speaker Series

If any topic is very near and dear to you and you are expert on subject matter, please connect with mConnect and we will be happy to host a local event for you and post content on upcoming YouTube channel.

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